Sunday August 19, 2012

WAREN CONNECTICUT – More of Doug and Judy’s house. This taken with my M9 and 24mm Summilux lens. Two frames stitched. This post illustrates a problem with the web format for images: the browser contains the width of images. I use 900 pixels, which is large by web standards and means that this site loads more slowly than it might otherwise, but this is a photo site and image quality matters to me. The result of the 900 pixel limitation, though, is that horizontally oriented pictures like this one, which can be stretched out on a wall in person, end up being very small on the web. This results in a bias toward portrait orientation in the pictures that I post, and probably in the pictures that I take. The web has affected by shooting style.

Doug and Judy's House
Doug and Judy’s House

On this day one year ago: Fog at sunrise.

Fog at sunrise
Fog at sunrise